Eva van Kempen

Eva van Kempen (1976) is an experienced goldsmith and jewellery artivist. With a BA in HRM, Van Kempen received her MA from Sandberg Institute, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 2020. Her work is exhibited internationally in shows in Europe, Asia and the US and is part of several private and public collections.

Her work evolved drastically when she was confronted with serious health issues. Van Kempen’s collections reflect her fascination with human potential, specifically related to achievements in the medical and specialised goldsmithing fields.

In 2015 the artist presented her 'LifeLines' jewellery line, made from safely recycled hospital waste. With these works, she demonstrated the inherent exquisiteness and value of a range of medical equipment and implements. A solo-exhibition was presented at Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC), where she used to be a patient. A solo-exhibition 'Ready-To-Bear' in Museum de Fundatie followed (2017-2018).

One part of Van Kempen’s eclectic practice focuses on craft heritage and filigree, a roughly 4,600 year-old ornamental jewellery specialisation, of which she has been a practitioner since 2010. For her master's thesis, she conducted field research into filigree in both the Netherlands and China, during an artist's residency at 'San W' in Shanghai. In collaboration with 'Traditionow', Van Kempen was part of a residency program concerned with Royal Chinese Filigree Inlay at the Filigree Museum in Shantou, Guangdong Province.

In response to the impending extinction in the Netherlands of this time-consuming technique, in 2020 Van Kempen has launched the Instagram page 'The Filigree Ambassador'. It was later renamed 'The Filigree Embassy'. In lieu of mourning the loss of tradition in the face of technological change, the designer chooses to socialise basic filigree knowledge-production and emphasise its meditative aspects. Practising an intangible cultural heritage while engaging in a new form of self-care in today’s fast-paced society, she argues, can provide people with a sense of place and purpose, which can be beneficial to their well-being.

In august 2022, with support of Creative Industries Fund NL, Van Kempen launched 'The Filigree Embassy', an online, open-source filigree knowledge platform in Dutch. Aiming to repopularise filigree in the Netherlands, she innovates, safeguards, and shares filigree knowledge in collaboration with designers, practitioners, teachers, art historians, and enthusiasts.


Museum de Fundatie

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts

Prof. Dr. Hanneke Schuitemaker

Titus Healthcare

Kunstzaken AMC


2019 Material District, Ahoy Rotterdam

2019 XIX World Congress Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases, Boom Chicago, Amsterdam

2017 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2017 de Optimist (NL) Radio EenVandaag


2023 Airco Caravan

2023 Aminta Paiz

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2022 Ming Design Studio

2021 Ming Design Studio

2020 Women on Waves

2020 Caroline Broadhead

2020 BLESS

2020 Ted Noten

2020 Ruudt Peters

2020 Liesbeth den Besten

2020 Gijs Bakker

2020 Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren

2020 Lavinia Rosetti

2020 Valentina Caprini

2020 Challenging Jewellery

2020 Marilyn Volkman

2019 Yentl Oehlenschlager

2017 Museum de Fundatie

2015 AMC Kunstzaken

2012 Het Internationaal Danstheater

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PHOTO: Museum de Fundatie

Most jewels are one of a kind, or are made in a limited edition. Jewels can be purchased from collection and stock, or clients can be part of the designing process. The process of bespoke jewel design can often forge unique, temporary companionships thanks to the shared goal of creating a personal and unique jewel, often in secrecy for a loved one.

Eva van Kempen supports re-melting old/heirloom gold; not only can it be of great emotional value and an economically wise decision, it is also an environmentally-friendly method.

Moreover, in commissions Van Kempen crafts jewels in fairmined or fairtrade gold, a ground-breaking initiative that offers a lifeline to artisanal and small-scale miners and their communities.

“Designing for someone in particular can be a memorable experience in itself, as the stories that are being shared are as personal as the jewels will be.”
Eva van Kempen jewellery is sold exclusively at:

and in her studio in Amsterdam West by appointment only. Please feel free to contact Eva Van Kempen by phone, e-mail, text message, or
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